Why Stay?

Hi Fam, lets talk heart to heart. Why stay?

Today is all about relationship matters. So let’s dabble into it real quick. So why  do some people choose to stay in a dating relationship for 8-10years without defining what the relationship is all about? Or before they finally decide to get married.

Aside from the fact that some have geniune reasons, such as one party had to finish school, befor the next step can be taken, aside from that I call the prolonged dating experience a situationship.

For instance some ladies even after seeing that the relationship/situationship woun’t work they still persist to remain with such partner. Reasons being that the man involved could have been the one who took away their virginity hence they believe that he is the right man or should be the suitable man for them, my sister the issue of marriage is deeper than marrying the one who broke your virginity even when it is glearing that your life is hanging on a loose.

A lot of people want to to be able to brag about them loosing their virginity to their husband even when the marriage is not working…because to them that is the only valuable asset they have brought into marriage nothing else.

They lack home training, no manners what so ever. The only thing that they want to brag about is how they lost their virginity to their husband. Well my sister congrats but that isn’t all the a man needs.

Am not here to lambast anyone, but the point is that you as a lady shldn’t loose your self worth in the hands of someone who doesn’t deserve your love and care. Move on sister. You are clocking 30-35 years of age yet bros is claiming that he is still hustling or not yet ready.

Babe give yourself brain and move on with your life there is more that you can offer to you husband than virginity…yes staying virgin is beautiful what is even more beautiful is giving it to the one who deserves it.

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel guilty of loosing your virginity…Things might have happened in the past, you may have been raped,  Abused by some sort of delish uncles or even teachers in school. you may not have not been given a proper sex education as a child, when I say sex education I meant, it could be that no one told you what it meant to stay a virgin, or to keep your body holy because it is the temple of the lord. And so you slept with any and anything that came to you in a male form…my dear this is a new dawn pick up yourself and dust yourself you still have a chance of living a new life and finding that responsible man who wouldn’t mind whether you are a virgin or not.

Leave that time waster and move on with your life you can do better. The proof of a good marriage is not how long the dating relationship lasted but how sweet your home is and how happy you are in your marriage.

Don’t go into an abusive marriage when all the signs were there…just because you want to cling to that figure head that took your virginity away. Life is way deeper and bigger than that.

Secondly don’t be a broom to any man

Being a broom means that you are only useful only when needed but once the need for you is done you are kept in a corner till when next you are needed.

Being a broom means you are rejected and dejected only to be called upon when they see that they need to use you to satisfy a purpose after which you are forgotten once again.

If you are afraid of fonding love again trust me you will with time just out everythin into prayers and your life will never be the same again. Cheers.

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