The Shining Star

Happy new year heirz fam…so as you all are aware this is my first post of the 2018.

2018-03-09 15.10.20



well as they say there is no smoke without fire. I have been in between busy and emotionally down( depressed) there could be lots of reasons attached to it but one that I am sure of is the fact that I have been busy searching for a house…and its not forth coming and that has made me to be emotionally destabilised…starting with the fact that my apartment was floaded in dec on xmas day…I tried reaching my landlady but she wouldn’t do anything about it because she claims its a festive period that she can’t do anything till new year’s day she wasn’t still doing anything so i have to move to a temporary place that am not comfortable with…infact my spirit being it just not comfortable with the place its as bad as each time i go out of the evenviroment I feel very happy and excited like I literally turn to my normal self but once I get back to the place I suddenly feel this sadness and depression all over me.

And as it stands right now in this part of the world guyana apartment has become stupidly expensive…and every and anyhow somebody wants to become a landlady so you see some rediculously looking unfurnished apartments for the price of a well built and furnished apartment. its as bad as people converting their garrages into apartments just because they heard that it is the best bussiness in town…Like I am seriously fed up already.


2018-03-09 15.07.41

So I have decided to pick up my peices and just look the stormes in the face and just “weather it” I must shine when I must shine no one can take that away from me. As I have gotten the stength to pen this down I pray I continue in it being down and out is not part of who I am… I am a shining star so I must shine brighter.

yellow top by luisiana boutique

blue skirt by luisiana boutique

brown dress by luisiana boutique

leapard shoes by atmosphere

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