Slave Trade Or Slavery

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let’s talk, there has been this issue going on for weeks now and thats the slave trade going on in lybia. And people have been jumping and diving into the this issue like there will be no tomorrow, both those who have sold their conscience to the devil and those who still do have theirs in tact. So I have this one question for you all especially those who have domestic staffs (house maid)and you don’t treat them like as if they are humans, what makes you any different from these devlish lybians who have sold their souls to the devil to be treating and trading their fellow humans just for money.

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Employers maltreating their staffs/domestic staffs, theirs is no big difference between you and the libyans, in the sense that you employ someone to help you do your domestic chores and the person does everything you want them to do, but no you had rather frustrate them, beat them up even slash their salaries if need be, and I ask again who are you? what gave you the right  to treat your fellow human with somuch disdane?

You cook you had rather feed your kids and dogs first before your house help can even eat you go shopping with your family you see your help looking like a left over food but it woun’t touch you to get her a change of clothes or shoes you see her looking all shades of haggard and you still feel good and comfortable with yourself. See let me tell you what you don’t know If you treat your domestic staffs well they will also treat your kids well whether you are around or not.

Atleast I can testify to this, because growing up we had lots of domestic staffs leaving with us. And you will never know that my parents din’t give birth to any of  them. They had the liberty to do anything that they want to do, some of them even dressed better than I do and looked better than I did, to the point that I felt so jealouse sometimes, but I had to let go especially when my mum would read the bible passage that says treat your neighbour as thyself during morning devotions, I would have no choice than to let go because they are doing the will of God who is in heaven as he has commanded us to do. Even as domestic staffs. The had the options of choosing between going to school and learning a trade, and my parents will be willing and ready to train them to any level. And for those those are married with kids they made sure that they paid they their children;s fees and took care of their wives, infact there was harmoney in the house. we leaved like one big family. If the original family ate 10 times a day with huge lumps of meat same thing goes for every other member.

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I find it hard to believe that people could be so mean to the point of beating other people’s children and even pour hot water or flog them till they see blood gushing out of their body. Who gave you htat right? if it were possible some people, they would not allow their domestic staffs to breath in the same air as they did, because they feel more superior. Of recent I read about a lady who would travel for weeks and leave her domestic staff locked up with just biscuits with no water, the poor child would have to resolve to drinking water from the toilet and yet this same lady would be praying to God and might even be a leader in the church but yet she doesn’t see maltreatment as a sin to the human race God’s own image.

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Image result for hot water wickedness

You see God paid so much for us to be redeemed, he values each an every individual no matter how you see them, every human being means alot to God, so tell me do you really think that God will be happy with you for treating your fellow humans with so much disdane, people even go as far as lying to their husbands and friends about their staffs just to gain favour or to make the staff look bad infront of others, see no matter how sinful you think a person is its not in your place to judge or issue out whatever punishment you think is right let God do his thing in his own way. you are busy praying to God for good bussiness but yet that poor child that has been given under your care suffers brutality from you and you think God is happy with you, you don’t know the kind of convenant God has with that staff yours and you keep doing what you do, gurrrrl that bussiness can’t move unless you have a change of attitude towards humanity.

Anyways don’t get it twisted this is not to support what the lybians are doing to our African brothers nope! its just for you to search your conscience and know that you are no different from them, remove the speck from your eyes before you remove the one from your neighbour’s eye.


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2 Replies to “Slave Trade Or Slavery”

  1. Thanks for speaking against this most cruel and inhumane act that is being meted out to our fellow humans. It’s interesting that you made the comparison between what is happening in Libya and that of domestic workers, far too many of this category of workers are subjected to torture and abuse daily. It’s a sad world we are living in.

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