Story time

Hi heirzfam how are you all doing, hope you all are doing great…yeahhhh bravooo, today I would be telling y’all a story about me, myself and I, this girl here has come long way and has tasted quite a few many waters, so what ever you see in me now is God’s glory and grace around me.

On wieght gain

yeah I noticed that I have put up quite a few pounds, which fits me quite well and am not complaining neither is my mum complaining. Reason I had to mension my mum is the fact that growing up I was this very skinny child, I was skinny to to the point that when ever I walk past, you could hear the cracks of my joint as if am about to fall apart, in all of this I was a healthy child, my mum was always worried she took me to different hospital,places, even churches, but they will always tell her that nothing is wrong with me.

Because of my skinny nature kids my age never wanted anything to do with my because they were afraid that I that I would break. so when it comes to sports or anything I was always on my own. I play by myself.

even in my adult stage in life I was still skinny but not as much as I was when as a child and I wasn’t worried about it one bit, because each time I climed the scale it will always give me 58,59, so i cared less infact it once I clocked 60 on the scale I started starving myself of food, so that it would remain in 50s. But now I have imbraced the woman that i have grown to be.

You see growing up the only insecurity that I have ever faced as a lady is the fact that I have always have a protruding tommy, and that has to do with the shape of my body structure not my fault either, and I have worked on it when I could nothing happened so I decided to embrace that aspect of me, growing up I would always complain to my mum about how big my tommy is, and her response would be, baby there are models with your kind of tommy and then she would site an example of her friend, she would say ” madam dora was a model and her tommy is just like yours so don’t worry about it you are fine” i carried on like that until this year I decided i’m not going to worry about it anymore. If you notice the tommy then you need to get youeslf a job. See I have been called all sorts of names as a skinny, slim, and now fat young lady…I don’t think am fat, am only fat on my abdominal area, and its all part of God’s beauty in 20171001_081237me, I have  hairs and stretch marks in unexpected areas its all God’s beauty. So you better get used to my new look if I have no problems with it and my mum appreciates me better now I don’t think it should be any one headache.

On Diet Change

The only thing I added to my menu is, more bananas, pizza twice a month or once it depends, ice-cream for stress relieve, and that is it, and I think the things I mensioned have much to do with my new look hence I have access to them once in a while. about the banana, I was that child that didn’t like anything that looked or had the size of banana reasons being that my mum had the habbit of deworming us on saturday mornings and by doing that she always had bananas to go with her medication,I never loved medications, so i had this mentality that since bananas were used for deworming that means the bananas had a way of making the worm come out of my body, and me i hate anything that looked like a snake so I chose not to eat bananas so that I wount see worms coming out of my body. But now that i’m older I have a better understanding, Banana is now one of my best fruits.

The bottom line still remains that if you don’t have anything good to say about anybody, rather than calling them names its better you keep quiet, some people don’t even know how to compliment other people even when you look good, they find it difficult to say a word of compliment,instead the next thing they will blot  hurrible negative things,  my friend don’t even bother with those people they have issues, just live them where they belong, pay them no mind .





4 Replies to “Story time”

  1. Very inspiring story. thanks for sharing. Most if not all women experience at some point insecurities as it relates to body image. I’m learning to embrace the body structure god has blessed me with. Diet and exercise is necessary to maintain a healthy body, so I plan to eat better not to please anyone but to be a healthier me.
    My sis you’re beautiful as you’re brilliant just love you!
    Keep sharing


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