Jack Of All-Trade

Hey fam, how have you all been doing, sorry for my long absence, I know that I have been greatly missed. I know this because I get lots of messages from my avid readers and some who would see me on the way and ask me whats happening to the blog, these questions really meant alot to me it shows that alot you care and it also shows that am also on the right track I truely appreciate you all.

My being absent for so long wasn’t intentional, I have been busy with lots of things, ranging from school work to trying my hands on new things. Life has not really been that easy but thank God am here and ready to strike on the key-boards once again.


Hmm!!! being an adult I mean a responsible adult is not easy at-all. So I and my friends decided that there is need for us to be getting extra cash aside from what our parents send to us as monthly allowances, so we set out on the quest for job hunting. We sat down in one of the school offices to draft our letters. In my own case it was different I wasn’t very serious with it because at that time I just wanted to know what it feels like to school and work at the same time. after drafting our letters when we were set to leave it started raining cats and dogs, we knew it wunt be very funny if we decide to walk under the rain to go n submit the letters at the same time were not bouyant enough to take a taxi to the locations. well in everything we do in life to succeed sacrifices must be made so one of us volunteered to pay for the cab, you know as they say first impression matters we didn’t want to look wet and desperate hence the taxi idea.

So after all our packaging we finally got to our destination on getting the they collected out applications promising to call us back, we are still waiting for the call. After our cab packaging we had to return to school on foot. our hustle didn’t just stop at one point we went to three other places to drop our application letters, still waiting for them to give us a call.

while waiting I have been trying my hands on new things such as learning how to back cake, yes you heard me right i can bake lots of things but cake wasn’t one of them so Started and now i can manipulate it anyhow i want and it still turns out good, still learning how to do a perfect icing.

As a youth the fact that you have a particular profession or studying to become a doctor, lawyer, engeneer or what ever the case maybe doesn’t mean that you should just put all your eggs in that one basket, as a youth its advice that you try your hand in bussiness or learn something….its better to do all your trials and error now both in bussines  and fail than for you to start trying when you are old enough to handle a bussiness successfully ann then you find yourself failing at it. the time is now  let the youths be awakened, the future is now. parents don’t send your kids to summer vocation learning centers there they can learn new things rather than ever summer break all they do is go from one lesson to another…. all year round they have been in school why not send them to go and learn some thing they like and enjoy doing.Please like,follow,share andcomment its all free you don’t need to pay ok.

Below are some of my experiments.

My rainbow and chocolate sprinkled cake.

Please if you know how i can stop the crack from happening again in the middle please leave it in the comment section.

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