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The Three Magic Words

You all remember while growing up how our parents and teachers thought us how to say the three maggic words like, Thank you, Sorry, and Please. you know growing up we just thought it was just one of those lessons we just have to learn to please our parents or just to get-by in school. Anyways I have learnt the benefit of all three of them, but most especially “thank you”.

You know thank you goes a long way more than just the word that it is, one of the benefit of “thank you”is the fact that it makes the reciever happier and it shows that the giver is not an ungrateful fellow. And when you show appretiation it gives more room for the second party to do more for you. Even God appreciates thank you’s and praises how much more we in human form of God’s own image as he describes us to be to him.

So I’m dedicating today’s post to every one out there who has been part of the progress of this blog starting with my dedicated viewers and readers, my subscribers, the likers, the sharers and ofcourse my back bones my editor you thyself very well, my one and only chief advisor prof zubby I dey hail ooo…more grease to you elbows I appreciate your selflessness so much…your support, time, and every other thing that you have to sacrifice just to make me happy thank you all so very much…I also appretiate the founder of telesquib movies please follow him on youtube he is such an awsome guy.

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