How To protect your ward from Child sexual Abuse.


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I saw a video that broke my heart into a million pieces, I saw this little girl who was destroyed at a tender age of 4 by an elderly man…and ever since my mind has not had peace. So I thought that I should just give a little turorial on how to protect our little ones.

You know most mothers are too afraid to teach their child about sex education, because they feel/think it will corrupt the mind of their young angel…but mama its not so the earlier you teach then the better you and you young one.

And if you are lucky to have a talkertive child like my niece even better, evil doers will never harm them or even go close to them because they are afraid that such a child might expose them.

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Teach Them Real Names of their body parts.

Teach young children the language they need to talk about their bodies and information about boundaries to help them understand what is allowed and what is inappropriate. These lessons help them know when something isn’t right and give them the power to speak up.

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When children have the words to describe their body parts, they may find it easier to ask questions and express concerns about those body parts.

Some parts of the body are private.

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 Let children know that other people shouldn’t touch or look at them. If a healthcare professional has to examine these parts of the body, be present.

This one is just one of the first step of how it all starts when that uncle or aunty starts touching their little buttocks and dry chest all in the name of playing they would start entising them with sweets and biscuits.

It’s OK to say “no.”

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It’s important to let children know they are allowed to say “no” to touches that make them uncomfortable. This message isn’t obvious to children, who are often taught to be obedient and follow the rules. Support your child if they say no, even if it puts you in an uncomfortable position. For example, if your child doesn’t want to hug someone at a family gathering, respect their decision to say “no” to this contact.

Most times these children don’t know how to express or relay a vital information to you their because they are not too sure of how you would react or because they have been threatened by this so called uncles and aunties so the best way they know how to react is to avoid contacts with such people so its up to you as an adult to stand by the child decision. Maybe you can talk about his/her attitude after the gathering.(in a calm way to allow him/her to open up)

Talk about secrets. 

Perpetrators will often use secret-keeping to manipulate children. Let children know they can always talk to you, especially if they’ve been told to keep a secret. If they see someone touching another child, they shouldn’t keep this secret, either.

Show interest in their day-to-day lives.

Ask them what they did during the day and who they did it with. Who did they sit with at lunchtime? What games did they play after school? Did they enjoy themselves?

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Get to know the people in your child’s life.

Know who your child is spending time with, including other children and adults. Ask your child about the kids they go to school with, the parents of their friends, and other people they may encounter, such as teammates or coaches. Talk about these people openly and ask questions so that your child can feel comfortable doing the same.

Choose caregivers carefully.

Whether it’s a babysitter, a new school, or an afterschool activity, be diligent about your child.

Use the media to make it relevant.

 Ask your teen’s opinion on something happening on social media, in the news, in a new movie, or on a popular TV show. You could even watch an episode with them and ask follow up questions. Asking their opinion shows them that you value their point of view and opens up the door for more conversation.

Use your own experience to tell a safety story. 

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Sharing your own experiences can make these conversations relevant and feel more real to teens. If you don’t have an experience you feel comfortable sharing, you can tell a story about someone you know.

Talk about sexual assault directly. 

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For some teens, safety issues like sexual assault aren’t on the radar. On the other hand, they may have misconceptions about sexual assault they’ve picked up from peers or the media. Bring up statistics that relate to them, such as the fact that 93 percent of victims who are minors know the perpertrator. Explain that no one “looks like a rapist,” and that seven out of 10 instances of sexual assault are committed by someone known to the victim.

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Parents, aunties, uncles, grannys lets all put hands together to save our childeren from child predators. They are angels sent to us by God so its our duty to protect them at all cost. raise n alarm when you see something going wrong in your neigborhood, don’t throw your face to the other side because it’s not your relative who is involved, it can happen to anybody. please that child from early emotional trauma today.

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4 Replies to “How To protect your ward from Child sexual Abuse.”

    1. Not that they are less likely but the chances of you getting away with the evil act is very slim becos they will rant their experience to their parents….and thankx alot for your comment i appretiate


      1. That’s not statistically accurate. The psychological effects of abuse are complex and usually even talkative kids don’t report sexual abuse. There are many parents who are surprised that their talkative child didn’t report the abuse. Some actually become quieter, others, the change is not noticable or can be a symptom of many things. Others have been told that if they tell they will be in trouble or something bad will happen. For some the mere attention they get from their abusers convinces them not to say anything because keeping this secret makes them special. Most of the things you have said are true however and very good

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      2. I truely appretiate this convo…the thing is to be on safer side it would better for parents to start sex education on time no age is too early as thiese abusers have no age limits in their demented brains…so as soon as you child turns one start educating them i have heard of testimonies of ppl of whom their one year old baby refused her uncle of bathing her bumbum and washing her chest area just because the mother told on time that thise areas are a no go area for any1 including her father…and when the uncle began bathing the child she screamed as if some1 wanted to kill her and when asked what the issue is she was like her uncle was touching her bum bum in her baby language..

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