Nursing mothers(every parent)👪👫👬😄.




I have this very soft spot for lil kids and babies, I hate seeing them being sick, especially if that sickness was as a result of parental neglect. Once while I was still doing my paediatric rotations, I saw lots of kid suffering due to parental neglect, I seriously went bunkers, though I tried to control myself. What was so hard with listening to simple instructions like feed your baby with this and don’t do this. Some times, it just beats my imagination…then you the parents start running helter skelter…for your baby to be treated,…Well, today’s write-up was inspired directly from God to help you save your lil angels. Not that the previous posts were not inspired by God…the difference here is that today’s post was shown to me in a dream…so I had to change my plans because this was not what I planned on writing about today. So, sit back and read if you don’t have any kids that need your care. please  send it to your friends that are still having babies.

Why is Nutrition Important?

📌Energy for daily living🎢🎡

·📌Maintenance of all body functions👂👀💪

📌Vital to growth and development

📌Therapeutic benefits



Growth in Infants

📌 Rapid body growth and brain development during the first year:

📌Weight increases 200%

📌Body length increases 55%

📌Head circumference increases 40%

📌Brain weight doubles

Feeding the Newborn

📌What are the options?

💝Breast feeding


😷The American Academy of Pediatrics and world health organization recommends exclusive breast feeding for 6 months.❤

The write thing to do…always follow your doctor’s instructions. 6 months is the ideal duration for breast feeding🙍

💜Formula feeding.

If you started breast feeding and all of a sudden you need to start treatment for any terminal disease like chemotherapy treatment or any drug that will affect your child, then it means you will have to do a sudden stop on the breast feeding and start up exclusively on formula feeding,…you can’t mix the two together.

Breast Feeding Questions

💕These are some common questions being asked by most mothers.❤

📌Why should I breast feed my baby?
I thought formula was the identical alternative.

🎈How often and for how long will my baby nurse?

📌How do I know if the baby is getting enough?

🎈How many months can I breast feed the baby and when can I add formula?

Well some of these question i have already answered them above. You can still look up again and check.

Breast Feeding
Advantages to Infants

To answer your questions further, here are some benefits/advantages of breast feeding.


Immunologic benefits (>100 components)

🎈Decreased incidence of ear infections, UTI, gastroenteritis, respiratory illnesses, and bacteremia.

📌Convenient and ready to eat.

🎈Reduced chance  of overfeeding?

📌Fosters mother-infant bonding.

Breast Feeding
Advantages to Mothers/fathers

🎈May delay return of ovulation.

📌Loss of pregnancy-associated adipose tissue and weight gain.💕

🎈Suppresses post-partum bleeding.❤

📌Decreased breast cancer rate.❤

🎈Father gets to save money, not expenses on baby food that would last only 3 days.

📌Mummy is happy, daddy is happy.🎉🎊🎆🎆🎇

Assessment of
Breast Feeding📈



This is how you know if your child is doing well with breast feeding.😄

📍Weight pattern – consistent weight gain.💕

📎Voiding – # wet diapers/day, soaked?💕

📌Stooling – generally more stools than formula.💕

📍 Feed-on-demand ~ every 2-3 hours.💕

📎 Duration of feedings – generally 10-20 min/side.💕

📌Need for high fat hind milk.❤

🎈Activity and vigor of infant.💕

Breast Fed Infants


❤My  8 week old breast-fed baby has not had a bowel movement in 6 days.  He gets 1 or 2, 4oz bottles of iron fortified formula at night as well.  He is happy and active. His appetite is good. He is not vomiting.  His abdomen is soft and non tender. What should I do?

You see this type of complaint is what gets me very mad…before you left from the hospital instructions has already been past to you on how to breastfeed, how long and so on and so forth, and here you have a mother coming to you with this kinda complain…how won’t the child be having constipation…their immune system and digestive organs are not yet strong like ours. So you can’t just start feeding them with what ever you feel like.

What should I do? – contd.

Anyways, here is the solution to your problem ma’am.

📍Discontinue the iron formula, it may be constipating.

📌Give 1 tsp  of mineral oil per day until he goes.

📍 Give a suppository each day until he goes.

📌 Add cereal to the bottle to help his bowels and to sleep.

📍Dilute the formula to give more water.

📌Give 1 oz apple juice per day until he goes.

📍 Do nothing, breast-fed infants may not have a bowel movement for up to 7 days.

If you notice this advice was given based on the fact that the child was given an iron fortified formula which caused him to have contipation. The remedies were given to help him have a bowel movement…and the mother was not adviced to stop giving formula. Reason, because she has already started mixing feeds for the child.

Infant Formula

After a successful 6months exclusive breastfeeding, here are some recommended types of formula you should go for, depending on your pocket size.😙

📍3 Forms:

📍Ready to feed – most expensive, does not require water.

📍Concentrate – requires mixing with water in equal parts.

📍Powder – requires mixing with water.

Special Formulas

📌Soy: used for vegetarians, lactase deficiency, galactosemia.

📌Lactose free: cow’s milk-based formula.

📌Protein hydrolysate: infants who can not digest or are allergic to intact protein.

📌Free amino acids.

📌Pre-term infant: unique for premies, predominant whey protein, cow’s milk based, higher protein and calcium, 20-50% MCT.

📌 Pre-term follow up

Assessing Readiness
to Feed

📌At what age it is best to introduce solid foods?
📌How do I know if he is ready to eat?

📌What food should I give the baby first?

📌Should I put cereal in the bottle?  It seems to help the baby sleep at night.

📌My baby likes to go to sleep in the crib with a bottle.  Is that OK?

Feeding Skills Development


You know some babies develop faster than the others regardless of age. Some babies might stop breastfeeding at the age of 3-4 four months while others continue even after 6 months which is why you have to start the weaning process gradually. So while introducing your kids to new food, salt and sugar is not allowed in their meals. Why? Well if they don’t know what sugar or salt tastes like, they will never crave for it. That is just one of the reasons why you don’t put salt and sugar in their food.😃

Well what they don’t know won’t kill them…if they start early to have a taste for sugar and salt, remember you are helping them to dig their early graves with hypertension and diabetes. So help your kids to start managing their health well early enough…just like the bible says teach them in the way they should grow…that does not apply only to learning the word of God and there after you become a preacher it applies to every area of our lives😁including nutrition.😄



📍4-6 mos – experience new tastes.❤

📍Give rice cereal with iron.❤

📍6-7 mos – sits with minimal support.❤

📍Add fruits and vegetables.❤

📍8-9 mos – improved pincer grasp.❤

📍 Add protein foods and finger foods.❤

📍10-12 mos – pulls to stand, reaches for food.❤

📍Add soft table food, allow to self-feed.❤

📍12-18 mos – increased independence.❤

📍Stop bottle, practice eating from a spoon.❤

📍18 mos -2 yrs – growth slows, less interest in eating.❤

📍Encourage self-feeding with utensils.❤

📍2-3 yrs – intake varies, exerts control.❤❤

Pre-school (1 to 6 Years)👬

📌1-2 years: on average, grows 12 cm, gains 3.5 kg.💗

📌Rate of growth slows by 4 years.💗

📌 6-8 cm/year💗

📌2-4 kg/year💗

📌Brain growth triples by 6 years.💗

Common Complaints

📍My 2 year old is such a picky eater.
I am worried about his diet.💝
📍My 3 year old eats noodles for dinner every night.   Is that ok?💝
📍I think my 4 year old is anorexic.  She won’t eat when we have meal time.💝

Developing Healthy Habits

📌Offer a variety of healthy foods and snacks.🍟🍜🍕🍚🍝🍛

📌Encourage fruit and vegetable intake.🎃🍓🍍🍆🍠🍌🍎🍏🍉🍈🍄🌳🌽

📌 No junk food snacking.🎂

📌Limit intake of juices ( 4 oz per day).🍹

·📌Increase intake of water (no soda).🍼

📌 Encourage low fat dairy products (3-4 servings/ day).🐣

·📌Make fun physical activity a habit.🎪🎯🎲🃏🎡🎢🎠🎈

📌Limit TV to no more than 1 to 2 hours per day.📺

📌Track growth and development carefully.📈📉

📌 Be a good role model.🎤🎺🎸⛺

Please parents listen to every instructions your doctor gave to you before you left the hospital. Its better to save money and time than to rush and pay huge amount of money in the hopital,well i won’t mind collecting the money cos you were warned but you didn’t listen. And when the crisis comes, you think doctors are magicians. They would make it to go always just like that..nope it doesn’t happen.



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Watch out next next week for meals suitable for paedias.

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